Drum gear coupling

WGT crown gear coupling with intermediate tube

The structure is the same as the drum gear coupling. But there is a middle bushing between the two annular gears ,it is can add the distance between the two shafts so can compensate the axis of the relatively greater deviation. And the longer the middle bushing is the compensation is greater. It is suitable for the situation of large shaft distance.
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WGT crown gear coupling with intermediate tube

High precision; high cost-effective; impact structure; wide application; large loading capacity.

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Wooden case 

1.For coupling installation, first should align the driving and driven shaft, and pay attention on radial offset △y, to avoid excessive.
2.Before assembling, the hub should be thoroughly cleaned, including the inner hole, antirust, dirty and grease.
3.To check the opposite two hubs, to keep align the two keyways.
4.After assembling, the bolts should be tightened with a torque spanner symmetrically and evenly. After working with load for one shift, must check the connection bolts loose or not . And keep to tight them again for several shifts till the bolts never loose.
5.For telescopic gear coupling installation, should pay attention on the oscillating quantity of bracket, avoiding excessive to prevent damaging the frame bearing. During the normal running process ,regular observation is needed. For abnormal radial sway , bearing hot and so on, repair and maintenance should be done timely.
6.No.2industrial lithium (Lz-2)grease should be enough before operating.
7.Safety and accident prevention measures should be undertake at the places where the running coupling might be the factor affecting the safety of person and property.

Operation & Maintenance:
1.Check the flange bolts periodically, tightening the bolts as per the required torque if any loose.
2.NO.2 industrial lithium (Lz-2) grease can be used. For normal working conditions, grease replaced every 6 months. Checking the grease consumption every two weeks for timely supplement. 
3.For normal application every six months, the intervals depend on working conditions. Regular observation is needed in operation, to find abnormal sound ,radial vibration ,grease leak , fastener loose, repair and maintenance should be done timely.
4.For repair and maintenance, wearing inspection of following item should be done: face of tooth , sealing parts, mating surface of the spline sets of the telescopic gear coupling ,and frame bearing .
5.For high speed intermediate shaft curved tooth coupling and middle bushing curved tooth couplings, dynamic balance test should be done after maintenance.


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