Cross-shaft universal coupling

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Including SWF cross-shaft universal coupling and JXC cross-shaft universal coupling.
JXC series is light-duty and medium-sized products, under the same rotating diameter, the advantage is that the angle of deflection is larger and the cost is lower comparatively
SWF series is perfect products belonging to Yueqing sanfeng,whose structure advantage reliable,also a number of intellectual property rights on them。The limited space in the fork had been made use of adequately meanwhile the reliable crescent fastener that original created instead of circlip also thrust bearings are put on the end of the cross shaft dexterously. This series of products can be used in heavy-duty work. With the steady running and long service life, the products are suitable to burdensome operating mode condition specially. 

WZL drum coupling

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WZL drum coupling is our patented product with well reliability, strong bearing capacity, big compensation angle, and long using life, etc. It is beneficial to the manufacture and installation of hoisting mechanism of crane. It is an ideal substitute for the gear drum coupling and drum roller coupling commonly used at home and abroad.

Drum gear coupling

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Drum gear coupling has small radial size and large bearing capacity. It is often used in shafting transmission under low speed and heavy load conditions. The gear coupling with high precision and dynamic balance can be used in high speed drive. The series of drum gear couplings developed by our company with high starting point is more scientific and reasonable through overall optimization design of involute tooth profile. The overall performance of the coupling is improved significantly, the service life is prolonged and the cost-performance ratio is high.


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Yueqing Sanfeng Transmission Co., Ltd is founded in the early 80’s of the last century, we have more than 20-year experience for making cross-shaft universal coupling and drum coupling. Recent years, we developed and produced the drum gear coupling. After many years research, development, and improvement, we have two patents for SWF cross-shaft universal coupling and WZL drum coupling, and our company has passed the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification. We have long-term cooperative relationship with major crane companies, heavy-industry equipment manufacturing enterprises and steel companies. Our products are widely used in the Three Gorges Project, the Qingshan Nuclear Power Station, Baosteel, Angang, Shougang, WISCO, Shandong Iron and Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel, Masteel and other major companies (see Sales performance table). Compared with similar products at same high-level, our performance and price ratio has great advantages, and the performance and quality of the products are well received by users.
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